We are also proud to be members of the Regional Paranormal Alliance of the North East



                        Alliance Teams


Essex County Ghost Project

Founded in 2008, we are based out of the Merrimack Valley Area. Our team consisting of sensitives, mediums, psychics,tech specialists, researchers and skeptics. Using our equipment and abilities, we work tirelessly to get to the heart of our clients paranormal issues. We host ghost tours, specialize in Historic Homes, private home investigations and work with our community doing fundraising.

Spirit Chasers Paranormal

North East Paranormal Associates
Founded in 2010, We are a well rounded team consisting of Techical experts, Sensatives, Empaths, Medium, who are passionate at what we do. We conducts investigations routinely in NH and throughout New England.  We let the facts lead us to our conclusions; always approaching things and situations with an open mind.
Salem Ghost Busters
 Salem Ghost Busters is here for all of your paranormal investigations and eliminations. Special events welcome.



Granite Sky

We are proud to serve the Granite State and the surrounding New England area with rock solid support services. There are many aspects to Ufology, and the experiencer is too often overlooked. At Granite Sky our focus is on people, not proof.

The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team

100% FREE Professional Paranormal Investigation Services and also offers live and/or pre-recorded broadcasting. Established in 2000 and based out of Northeastern, CT that consists of a research group headed by Christine and Daniel Peer. 

We were founded in 2009 by a team of dedicated professional investigators who's goal it is to advance the study of the paranormal and to increase the public's awareness of this enigmatic world.