Meet this year's presenters

Established in 2000 and based out of Northeastern, CT, CTPRT, better known as The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team ( is a volunteer research group headed by Christine and Daniel Peer. Using a scientific approach, the goal of the organization is to investigate and document paranormal phenomena to determine whether the residence and/or establishments are in fact haunted. Besides investigations, the team has participated in many
presentations and Expo’s across the northeast and appeared on many internet/radio stations, TV.

Ronny Leblanc
Ronny Leblanc has always had an interest in things that were deemed “paranormal” or “Strange.” Stories that defied explanation, the laws of physics and belief in the minds of those who heard about the encounters. His interest spans from the esoteric, metaphysical and alternative history to cryptozoology, science, and ufology. He has spent the majority of his life devouring books and content surrounding the subject matter of UFOs, Bigfoot and the paranormal. Once his personal life seemed to become intertwined with his research he was driven to write a book about his experiences and the hidden history of Monsterland, He currently works in the marketing and advertising industry in Boston Ma. Ronny is also most recently seen on the Travel Channel's new show In Search of Monsters.

Matty Blake is an actor, host, and writer. Educated on the comedy stages of Boston he came to New York City and quickly built a career as a working actor. Matty is the host of the History Channel's "Drilling Down" The Curse of Oak Island. Recent credits also include the David Cross film "Hits", Alpha House, Boardwalk Empire, How to make it in America, & 30 Rock.  He's appeared on Comedy Central, Vh1, G4, ESPN and many more. He's starred in over 20 national network commercials and has a successful career in voiceover.  As a writer & host, Matty has been nominated for a Webby Award as well as a Sports Emmy award for his work with NBC Sports. 

 Cody Ray DesBiens is a paranormal investigator/researcher from Boston, Massachusetts involved with 2 groups based out of Rhode Island,  R.I.S.E.U.P. The Rhode Island Society for the Examination of Unusual Phenomena and for T.A.P.S. The Atlantic Paranormal Society. He specializes in audio and investigative technical equipment with knowledge in different types of energy fields and physics. When it comes to the paranormal Cody likes to take a "Fact-based, unbiased, technical approach, while using common sense."Every week Cody is investigating or working on a supernatural case with either T.A.P.S or R.I.S.E.U.P. for private clients in the New England area. In his downtime aside from paranormal investigating, Cody is also a Voice Over Specialist and has done various voice-overs for commercials and other projects. He has also done public address announcing for  sporting events such as major league baseball. In his downtime, he has a passion for exploring and testing new theories, equipment, and techniques in his office. 

Jailene Fontaine Consultant and animal communicator. My approach to a full and complete partnership is to get you and your animal thriving in a balanced, cohesive state of well being. Listening to the needs of your animal on all levels, as well as allowing the teachings they have to offer you is essential for a healthy and productive long term partnership. By working with your energy, your animal's energy, my energy and the energy of the universe, I am able to determine where, when, and how to assist in communication with your animal's healing of body, mind, or spirit and general information about your given path. I have over 40 years of professional experience in communicating, teaching, rehabilitation, energy healing, nutrition, and training to offer my clients. I am a certified herbalist and energy therapist.

Tom D'Agostino and his wife Arlene Nicholson have been extensively studying and investigating paranormal accounts for over 34 years with over 1200 investigations to their credit. They are ardent researchers of New England history, haunts, and legends. Together they have penned and captured on film over a dozen books on the best haunts and history New England has to offer. Tom and Arlene’s interviews and paranormal experiences have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals throughout New England and beyond in regard to their books and comprehensive work in the paranormal field. Arlene is a professional photographer with a degree in photography.
Tom is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a degree in Political Science. He is a professional teacher and musician. Tom builds his own musical instruments, many from the Medieval and Renaissance periods that are used in his profession.

Andy Kitt, A.J. Kitt has been deeply involved in parapsychology, ufology, and several other “fringe topics” for the better part of a decade. He manages the KRI Center for Consciousness Studies in Stratham, NH ( an information and outreach center devoted to fringe topics). He teaches psychology at the university level while he completes his dissertation in visual psychophysics. he currently holds a BA, BS, and MA degrees and is working on completing his Ph.D. Andy is also the author of the book Ghosts, Science and the Number 42 as well as hundreds of newspaper, magazine and journal articles on various topics of paranormal and supernatural.

Larry Elward grew up in Bridgeport Ct. After seeing the movie the Exorcist he became interested in all aspects of the paranormal. He started out as an investigator with Ed Warren in 1985 and worked on their famous case of the Warrens, the Mass farmer Maurice Therault. It was on this case that he witnessed his first exorcism and met John Zaffis. He attended and graduated from Holy Apostle Seminary in 1988 with a master degree in theology in order to try and understand the theological aspects of the paranormal. He found out that he was pretty much on his own. In 2002 he began his studies in esoteric christianty under the auspices of Bishop Lewis Keizer of California and was ordained a priest in 2004. He and his wife Debbie met at an exorcism in 1998.
Currently, all though he’s helped many other paranormal organizations, he primarily works with John Zaffis. 

Mike Sullivan is a paranormal investigator specializing in photography and EVP. Mike recorded his first EVP in 1977 and has written articles and tutorials for the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, The ITC Journal and He is also involved in what he calls Reflective Photography where a flash picture is taken of a reflective surface, usually a mirror or a bottle. He has captured many interesting images using this method of photography. Mike also teaches classes on capturing, editing and filtering EVP's. He is currently the EVP consultant for

Karen Mossey is recognized as an E.V.P. specialist and is very well known in the paranormal community. She has been a member of A.A.E.V.P. American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena and the N.S.A.C. National Spiritualist Association of churches. Her E.V.P recordings are now famous, they have been featured in the trailer for the movie White Noise (Universal Studios) and the CBS series Ghost Whisperer. She is mentioned in the books “There is no Death and There are no Dead” by Tom and Lisa Butler, Haunted New Hampshire by Thomas D’Agostino and “I’m Still Here” by Martha Copeland. Karen has also appeared on the Maury Povitch show on (CBS)

Willy Miranda, host Paradigm Matrix Radio show on KCOR radio Las Vegas NV. Willy was born in Arecibo Puerto Rico and at the age of six, he had an experience that would forever change the way he would view the world we live in. It was at that point in his life, his fascination turned to almost an obsession for the paranormal, as well as for UFOs and Cryptozoology.

Mike is a New Hampshire native, born and bred. When not helping others with their experiences, you can often find him in the forests and mountains of the state camping and hiking. Mike hopes to combine his simple New England values with his own experiences to give people a positive new outlook on the phenomena...Mike is a seasoned paranormal researcher and investigator. He has worked to change the stigma surrounding the abduction phenomena by promoting public awareness of the subject and by encouraging and supporting other experiencers.  He was the initiating force behind the New Hampshire historical marker for Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO encounter. Mike has been interviewed in the past by newspapers, television, and radio about his involvement in the paranormal and UFO communities locally as well as internationally Mike’s experiences started around the age of three, and have been ongoing ever since. The experiences have come in a variety of forms and demeanor. Dealing with his own experiences has lead him to help other experiencers overcome their trauma, as well as his own.